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Your Home Should Tell A Story Of How You Are Be A Collection Of What You Love

Your home should tell a stoty of how you are & be a collection of what you love

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Lustre Designs

Making relaxation a lifestyle

Your home is an oasis to recuperate from the crashing waves of everyday life. It’s a place full of what you love for yourself and the people you cherish close to your heart. I’m Niroshi Udumalagala; Founder of Lustre Designs, and my passion lies in helping you make your home one of tranquility, peace, and relaxation.

I work closely with my clients to understand them and bring their ideal homes to life. Designing each home to be an extension of each individual client with a blend of styles.

With a love for natural tones that soothe the eye and mind, I’m committed to the belief that true beauty lies in the details. Enriching your lifestyle and bringing more meaning to the phrase "I'm Home."

Why Choose Us

Discover why we are the top choice for all your needs.

High Quality Work

We create elegant, luxurious, and exclusive interior spaces that prioritise aesthetics, comfort, and utility while maintaining high quality.

New Technologies

Our technology and resources include project management tools, drawing tools, virtual staging tools, and 3D tools, as well as the most recent trends.

Individual Design

We collaborate with clients individually to design, decorate, and furnish their living spaces, and we provide layout solutions including material selection.

Exact Deadlines

We explore how to establish deadlines in interior design and create your projects on time to fulfil the standards.

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